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ALP Curriculum

English Confidence

The American Language Program offers a truly student-centered curriculum, class structure, and pedagogical approach. Rather than place students into a rigid level system, we create classes and adapt our curriculum around the students each and every academic term. Each term our classes and distribution of students can look entirely different. This allows us to respond directly to our students’ unique needs every semester.



Students are placed into the pre-elementary classes if their English skills are limited. Most of these students are novice or beginner students of English. These classes prepare a foundation on which further language study can take place. Students who do not meet the minimum proficiency requirements may be placed into pre-elementary classes.


Students in the elementary classes can communicate with English speakers, but with difficulty. The elementary classes emphasize vocabulary expansion, grammar analysis, and general English skills. In the high elementary classes, students focus on building understanding in listening and reading, and accuracy in speaking and writing.


Students are placed in intermediate classes if they can communicate with English speakers in most situations, but their fluency and control are still weak. Intermediate classes begin to emphasize English for academic purposes.

Students may be placed in high-intermediate classes if they are approaching readiness for academic study but still have some significant challenges using their English skills. High-intermediate classes help students strengthen their vocabulary and grammar knowledge, and refine their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in an academic context.


Students are placed in advanced classes if they are nearly ready to begin academic study or participate with confidence in professional settings. Advanced classes familiarize students with organizing, paraphrasing, summarizing, and synthesizing academic English in both spoken and written forms. The advanced classes are often referred to as Capstone courses and can be taken repeatedly up to a full calendar year to allow students to gain admission in an academic program.