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Law Bridge Program (for LL.M. students)

Program for Incoming LL.M. Students

This program, which has been exclusively created for incoming LL.M students at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, will start Wednesday July 30th and last until August 14th, preceding the regular Moritz orientation. Each morning will feature intensive English: presentations about important facets of life at OSU, cultural lessons about life in the US, and written/spoken English instruction.

Each afternoon there will be a class taught by Laura Fernandez, Assistant Dean for International/Graduate Programs. This will be modeled on a course from the Moritz Law School curriculum and the goal will be that LL.M. students are ready for their first day of law school and know what to expect.

HoodingLL.M. students will gain experience in:

  • how to read a case
  • how to brief a case
  • how to recite facts in class
  • how to handle hypotheticals when on-call
  • what to expect from the Socratic Method

Law studentsLL.M. students will gain a basic familiarity with:

  • The Moritz College of Law library
  • The US legal system
  • US courts and jurisdiction
  • How a common law legal system is always evolving

LL.M. students will visit or meet visitors from:

  • StudyingThe Ohio Supreme Court
  • The Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office
  • The Ohio Attorney General’s Office
  • The OSU Office of Legal Affairs
  • The Franklin County Courthouse

Click here to apply and be ready on day one!  The deadline for registration is July 10th.

For more information, incoming LL.M. students should contact Laura Fernandez: fernandez.214@osu.edu.  For information about the LL.M. Program, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enroll in the Law Bridge Program without being enrolled in the LL.M. program? No. The Law Bridge Program is designed for admitted LL.M. students and it is meant to be completed in preparation for The Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law LL.M. Program which will start on August 25th.

Can I enroll in the Law Bridge Program as a substitute for the summer ESL program? The Combined ESL/American Language Programs continue offering their summer ESL programs in summer 2014. Please check the program’s website here for more information on the traditional summer courses.

Will I get credit for the Law Bridge Program?  Will it apply to my LLM degree? The Law Bridge Program will not give you credits that can be applied toward the Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree. You will receive a certificate of participation in the program.

Can I get financial aid for the Law Bridge Program? There are no scholarships available for this program. Students admitted to the Moritz College of Law LL.M. Program are notified about their scholarships at the moment of acceptance into the program. Students are required to enroll and pay for the Law Bridge Program independently from the LL.M. program.

How much tuition/living expenses will I need to show in my financial documents for the I-20? The Ohio State University Office of Professional Admissions will send you a letter requesting you fill out an Affidavit of Financial Support to cover expenses related to your LL.M. Program; you do not need to show additional financial documentation to cover the Law Bridge Program.