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Placement and Enrollment

Placement:  The university’s Office of Admissions notifies international students who are required to sit for the ESL Writing Placement Test.  The Office of International Affairs (OIA) informs new students about the dates and times of the one-hour essay.  It is then evaluated by trained ESL staff members. The placement essay cannot be retaken.

Students are placed in one of two levels corresponding to our courses: EDUTL 1901 (for undergraduates), 5901 (for graduate students); or EDUTL 1902 (for undergraduates), or 5902 (for graduate students).  Some students who take the test are qualified, and are not required to take any ESL Composition courses.

Other students may be exempted from sitting for the ESL Writing Placement Test.  Please visit the ESL Composition Testing and Placement section of our web site for information about exemptions.

Note: Undergraduate students admitted for Autumn 2015 can take the ESL Writing Placement Test online.  This online test is available until July 31, 2015.

Do you have questions about the ESL Writing Placement Test? Watch a short video about the test on Youtube or Youku, or visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Enrollment:  OIA in conjunction with the ESL Composition Program, informs new international students each semester of the procedures to follow to register for ESL Composition courses. Continuing students are assigned a “window”, or time period, for registration. They should select a section of the appropriate course from the Master Schedule of classes at that time and register online.

Recommendations:  In order to compete successfully with native English-speaking students, those students who are required to enroll in ESL Composition courses should do so immediately, in their first term at OSU – if at all possible.  If more than one ESL Composition course is required, then the student should enroll in sequence in successive terms.  The rule is to complete all ESL Composition coursework within the first academic year.  Students and faculty should also note that ESL Composition courses are rigorous and demanding.  Students should plan to spend at least two hours on homework for every class hour.