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Special Programs

In addition to our traditional core programs–composition, spoken English, and intensive English–the Combined ESL Programs are interested in partnering with Colleges, Departments, Regional Campuses, etc., to provide innovative strategies for teaching academic communication skills to English Language Learners. Contact us at esl@osu.edu for more information.

Advance your English proficiency through a variety of part-time ESL classes at The Ohio State University. Classes are taught by highly qualified instructors of OSU’s full-time intensive English program. Evening scheduling and registration is convenient for professionals, visiting scholars, and their dependents. Come learn with us!

  • Seven-week courses
  • Each class meets 2 hours per week
  • Cost per class is $350
  • Classes held once a week from 6:30pm-8:30pm
  • Classes are graded, but are non-credit classes
  • No application fee!
Future Sessions:

We currently do not offer special programs.

NOTE: A minimum of nine students must register for each class for the class to be offered. Refunds will be made if necessary.

Please read the following statements carefully. Your submission of the application for the class will indicate that you have read and understood these statements and that you agree with them.

  • All of the information I have given in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.
  • I understand that neither acceptance to the American Language Program nor completion of its curriculum will guarantee or influence admission to the other programs at The Ohio State University.
  • I understand that my placement within the ALP curriculum will be determined by the American Language Program administration.
  • I give the American Language Program permission to send information about my English language proficiency to my sponsoring agency (if any) and to the proper Ohio State officials if I apply for admission to an Ohio State academic program.
  • I understand the part-time English classes are non-credit classes. I will not receive university credits for taking these classes. The classes cannot be applied toward a degree at The Ohio State University.
  • I understand that the class registration fee is non-refundable after the third class meeting.
    • 100% refund possible before 2nd class meeting
    • 75% refund possible before 3rd class meeting
    • No refund after 3rd class meeting ($0)

Please contact the American Language Program (ALP) office with questions or to make a payment.

ALP Office
356 Arps Hall
1945 N High St
Columbus, OH 43210