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Spoken English Program

Ohio State’s Spoken English Program (SEP) was established in 1986 to train and certify international teaching assistants in accordance with Ohio State Law. Spoken English screens all prospective ITA’s and provides coursework for those who require it. The coursework in Spoken English is designed to improve spoken English fluency and pronunciation and to provide practice instruction in various language, intercultural and teaching skills.

For a copy of the September 1986 Ohio State Law, click here.

Undergraduate Elective 

EDUTL 5030 (formerly EDUTL 5992) – Spoken English for Academic Contexts

*For both graduate and undergraduate international students. 

Course description:

This course is designed for international undergraduates who would like to improve their oral English proficiency and confidence speaking for academic purposes, as well as their familiarity with the languages and cultures of the U.S. and of OSU. Students will hone their presentation and classroom interaction skills. They will conduct interviews with different people on campus, and work collaboratively with classmates to analyze and report their findings. In-class activities will include dramatic and improv techniques for increasing fluency and confidence speaking and materials will range from TV sitcom and movie clips to online interviews and speeches. Finally, students will learn autonomous language learning strategies so that they can continue to set and evaluate their own language learning goals. Recommended for anyone trying to find their voice in the US university.

  • Unit 1: Collaborative skills, performance, listening, interviews
  • Unit 2: US culture, OSU language/slang & culture, childhood stories, TV shows, jingles/theme songs, telling a personal story
  • Unit 3: Academic presentations and interaction, anatomy of an argument, civil debate

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