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General Information

The Spoken English Program (SEP) was established in 1986 to implement a Council of Deans mandate requiring the screening and training of international teaching assistants (ITAs) whose first language is not English. A subsequent state law, in effect as of September 1986, mandates such screening for prospective international teaching assistants at all state of Ohio institutions.

The goal of the Spoken English Program (SEP) it to ensure that international teaching assistants have the language proficiency necessary to teach effectively in a U.S. setting. Prospective teaching assistants at the Ohio State University demonstrate these skills by participating in a process coordinated by SEP. We provide communication courses for students who require this training and administer an assessment at the end of coursework. Successful students receive Certification to teach at Ohio State.

We offer a two-semester course sequence designed to help non-native English speaking graduate students develop and refine their English language skills.