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Welcome and Mission


Thank you for your interest in the American Language Program (ALP), the intensive English program at The Ohio State University. ALP is  located on the Columbus campus in Ohio’s capital city in the heart of middle America.

The American Language Program provides full-time intensive instruction in the English language and academic preparation, year round. Our goal is to encourage the use of our excellent classes to help you experience and explore university life and American culture. ALP students have a variety of reasons for choosing this program: Some will take degrees at Ohio State or another American university; others are professionals who wish to improve their communication skills in English; all are looking for a comprehensive program in which they can make rapid progress in English.

The Mission of the American Language Program is threefold:

A. To offer instructional programs which provide non-native speakers of English with the linguistic, academic, and social skills and the cultural base required to navigate successfully in American college and university environments, and in professional and vocational settings which use English as the principal medium of communication.

B. To provide teaching and support staff with the working environment, resources, and encouragement necessary to carry out instructional, service, and professional activities and thus enhance their job performance, standing in the field, and overall job satisfaction.

C. To encourage respect for linguistic and cultural diversity both on and off campus and promote professionalism, inquiry, and collaboration with the field of TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages).