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ESL Composition Program

The ESL Composition Program is committed to enhancing the intellectual and cultural lives of its undergraduate and graduate students by offering theoretically grounded instruction in the refinement of critical thinking and effective communication.  Writing is approached as a recursive process, involving critical reading and reflection, multiple drafts, feedback from instructor and peers, editing, and revision.  Assignments include the creation and responsible use of intellectual property.  Courses emphasize the development of information and digital literacy, rhetorical choices, audience awareness, and collaborative learning. The program respects diversity of languages and perspectives and promotes tolerance for all members of the university community.

Undergraduates who complete the ESLC sequence enroll in English 1110. Graduate students often write their M.A. or Ph.D. exams and theses soon after completing the ESL Composition sequence.  The ESL Composition Program also offers elective courses, EDUTL 6911, 6912 & 6913,  to help graduate students with those tasks.

The ESL Composition Program office is located at 356 Arps Hall, 1945 North High Street, telephone 614-292-1364.