EDUTL 6912

EDUTL 6912: Writing Up Research for International and Second Language Graduate Students – 2 credit hours; graded S/U

This course is designed to help international graduate students in the preparation of conference papers, manuscripts for publication, and grant applications. Students will focus on at least one of these three academic projects for the semester. Class sessions concentrate on both the rhetorical and grammatical dimensions of academic writing, as well as, the nature and forms of academic writing, the process of publishing and applying for grants, conference proposals and presentations, and communicating with other professionals. To be admitted to the class, the student needs to have an idea for a conference presentation, for a publication, or for a grant application. Submission of the finished or nearly finished paper by the end of the semester is required to receive a “Satisfactory” grade. The class meets several times during the term, and students arrange regular one-on-one tutorials with the instructor to consult on their chosen project.  Repeatable to a maximum of 6 credit hours.

Prerequisite:  Successful completion of EDUTL 5902 or placement test score or 80 Q or 80 EX.